Welcome to SAE Group

SAE Group - Solar Power Noosa have installed over 3,500 solar power systems ranging from small grid-connected systems to hybrid and off-grid solar power system and larger commercial solar power systems.

SAE Group is a wholly owned and operated Australian company rich in experience with energy efficient technology. Our Directors have over 30 years of combined experience as electrical contractors providing professional, economical and sustainable solutions. Our diverse experience and flexibility in meeting our clients' needs is what defines SAE Group with expertise in solar power, energy efficient lighting, air-conditioning and all electrical services.

Whether you are a small residential customer looking to save money on power or a large commercial customer, we can tailor a solar power system to meet your needs. Our solar installation teams are fully accredited with the Clean Energy Council to perform solar power installations and are highly experienced. We have installed literally thousands of residential solar power systems between 1kW and 10kW in size and hundreds of large commercial solar power systems between 10kW and 100kW.

No matter what the size the system is, however, one thing stays the same - the quality of our solar power installations in Noosa is second to none and our installation teams have an excellent reputation of performing fast, tidy installs at an extremely high standard of workmanship. Our portfolio of solar power jobs also includes several solar schools which were installed under the Australian Government's National Solar Schools Program. These systems allow schools to benefit from both large energy savings and the educational outcomes provided by their state-of-the-art solar energy equipment.

Solar Finance
Ready to go solar but don't have the cash? SAE Group - Solar Power Noosa is now excited to offer affordable finance solutions for a range of purposes. Our Solar Finance is designed to make it easier for you to increase the environmental sustainability of your home, through a great value loan for solar power. For as little as $1.35 a day you can now invest in the environment and your children's future with Solar Energy.

Give us a call to know more about our solar finance.

At SAE Group - Solar Power Noosa, we pride ourselves in the selection of the highest quality products available. With a wide range of top quality panels and inverters to suit every need and budget you know your solar investment will save you money year after year.

So, when selecting the best solar panels to install for your solar power system, there are a number of factors worth considering:

- the cost of a solar panel is determined in part by the size (in Watts),
- the physical size,
- the brand,
- quality of materials,
- the durability / longevity (or warranty period)
- and any certifications the solar panel might have.

You need to ensure your investment provides the best performance to help ensure economic payback of the power produced, and has a solid warranty.

Types of solar

Grid Connect Solar Panel Systems:
Grid connect systems tie in with your existing home electricity supply, ensuring you have all the electricity you need 24/7, regardless of weather conditions and the time of day or night. With a business or residential grid connect system, as your house or property is still connected to the mains power supply,battery storage is not required. Grid Connect Systems are a great way to subsidise your power bills and even make money off excess electricity that your system produces depending on the electricity supplier you are using and the available Government rebates.

Stand-Alone (Off grid) Solar Panel Systems:
Too expensive or too remote to get mains power? An off grid system can be a much more economical solution, even over the short term. An off grid solar power system is completely separated from mains power and utilises a deep cycle battery bank for storing electricity generated by solar panels. Off grid installations are most common in rural and outback areas of Australia where the mains grid simply isn't available, or prohibitively expensive to connect to. SAE Group can install stand-alone systems that are completely self sufficient for remote areas or where connecting to the grid is not feasible.

So if you're thinking of converting to Solar Energy, simply call one of our friendly team on 1300 18 20 50 and ask any questions you have - we'd be delighted to answer them and provide you with a no-obligation quote for a system tailored to your needs.